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Unplugging as an Entrepreneur

I feel like for so long we have heard, “make time to unplug”, “as entrepreneurs, it’s important to unplug”, or “you have to set aside time to step away.” The reality is that I am not sure we really can.

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The world does business 24/7, customers have more access to us than ever before, & “the wheel” of technology is spinning faster than it ever has.

Sometimes it feels like it’s harder to jump back in & catch up after taking a break than it is to just stay a little “plugged in” all the time.

I find this balance so incredibly difficult. As someone who is an enneagram 8, type-a, Aries, & workaholic, I have been told my entire life that I need to slow down. Maybe one day they will all be right. But what feels better to me is not to slow down or “unplug”.

It feels better to just manage expectations, boundaries, & make “the wheel” work for me.

“You should make time to unplug.”

“You work too much. You deserve a break.”

“I know you’re on vacation, but I just have a quick question.”

Taking a vacation as an entrepreneur. This is a loaded topic, am I right?

Here is the complex we are all faced with. Not only do we deal with the guilt of taking time off & actually stepping away from our work, but what if we really love what we do & we don’t WANT to take time away? Also, sometimes it’s harder to completely unplug & jump back in than it is to just check your email once a day & vacation the other 23 hours. And what about clients, teammates, etc. that don’t want to intrude, but “just have a quick question” for you, not realizing there are 20 other people doing the same thing. Cue the guilt & anxiety.

Here is what I can say about unplugging as an entrepreneur. Everyone’s boundaries are different & it is not one size fits all.

Do what makes you happy. Give yourself what you need. Work when it feels best for your heart & step away when you are ready. It’s personal & for every opinion you hear about unplugging as a business owner (& there are weirdly a lot), remember that the only opinion that matters is yours.

So, to my business babes - enjoy your summer, your vacations, your work, your business, & your life! 😎

If we spend all of our time unplugging & then catching up, we are stuck to the wheel. Right?

But if we change our boundaries, readjust expectations people put on us, & control our own commitments, the wheel can no longer control us.

I know this is easier said than done, & trust me, it’s not a perfect system. It’s about what feels best for you!

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