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Our new merch!!

We have merch! We are so excited for this launch and can't wait to share it with our community of bridal badasses.

A letter from Grace

"One of the things I am most proud of in this world is the work we do with & for our clients. We have proven time and time again that we show up & to put it simply, we “get sh*t done.”

In just 4-days of a workshop, we have helped revamp a sales team that went on to grow sales by 228% that same month. We have seen close ratios increase 14%, appointment counts double, & the list goes on.

We also will be forever grateful to the community that built us. Whether you are new here, have worked with our team one-on-one, or have attended one of our get-togethers, you cannot help but feel the special something that’s in the air. It’s quite impossible to put into words, but to say we feel lucky to be surrounded by the people we do, is an understatement.

It’s been a goal for a while to be able to visibly represent the pride we feel in the work we do.

For those of you that have helped us grow this business & build this pretty special community of people, we want you to be able to rep your pride for this industry, your business, & the community of good humans you have met here at GCC.

We are excited to be launching merch for our team, our friends & family, and of course, our bridal community to rock with pride.

Like most things we do, get ready for no-bullshit swag to sport in-store, while under a blanket with your computer, at the airport & even at market."

First drop will be launching Tuesday, August 9th. Shop the collection here!

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