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collective committed to doing better business in the bridal industry


Since our founding in 2019, we have been scaling bridal stores & designers around the world. Our collective focuses on business development, brand management, & company culture for bridal brands, large & small.

Our team has helped grow bridal businesses, even during the pandemic, by record amounts like 228% in just one month. We work with clients looking to get back on track, find their next level, or own their market for as far into the future as they can imagine. 

Since our founding, we have grown our team with people that we are inspired by, pushed by, & intrigued by. Each person, strong in their convictions, strategic in their thinking, & kind in the way they view the world. 


a collective
focused on
brand management
+ Company Culture.



Founded in November 2019

Behind Bridal Podcast is launched & we begin virtually consulting stores in the U.S.

February 2020

Client sees 228% growth in just 1 month after a 4-day workshop.

May 2020

Client sees 500% increase in website clicks over 3 months after marketing consulting.

December 2019

The famous 4-day workshops are born & we begin consulting on the design side as well.

June 2020

Client sees 40% increase in close ratio after sales consulting.

March & April 2020

COVID closes down most of bridal industry. We focus on providing free education & our podcast hits 1,000 downloads in late April.


At SUBTLEGEND, you work one-on-one with our expert bridal business consultants to scale your business.We analyze your concerns, determine what needs a kick-start, and dive in to what makes the biggest impact, first. We will put together a plan & work with you to make real, tangible changes in your business. And believe us, the numbers speak for themselves.

WHatwe do



Founded in 2019, after growing a bridal boutique by over 40% for 12 months straight, GCC has always had the proof to back up the work.


Good Consulting Collective continues to set records like smashing annual sales goals with half the available fitting rooms, a quarter of the staff, & closed doors for 3 months.


How about 228% sales growth the month after working with our team?


Does a 6-figure profit increase in just 2 years sound good? (P.S. That was during a pandemic.)


What about 500% increase in website clicks on Instagram over 3 months or doubling appointment count just 2 weeks after a re-brand & website refresh?


How does increasing your team close ratio by 14% after just 3 days of training with us sound?


What about crushing your Q1 sales goal by 38%?

Are you ready to scale your business, work with our team of expert no B.S. consultants, and get to business?


ever heard of our legendary workshopS?

Almost every client that works with us starts with our famous 4-day workshop. We bring #thegoodcrew to you. Each workshop follows 3 stages. We observe, analyze, & then implement as much as time allows. (So stock up on your coffee & get ready for long days.) Our goal is always to get your business pointed in the right direction & navigate the fastest way to put money back in your pocket. We cover sales, inventory, marketing, company culture, & overall business health. 

meet our founder

Grace Bunk

Based out of Fort Knox, KY, Grace started GCC with a mission to make the bridal industry a better place. Cheesy, we know, but what started as Grace Consulting Company in 2019 has grown into something bigger - a true collective of individuals all on the same mission to offer No B.S. Bridal Consulting for businesses who are tired of the, well, bullshit.

Grace was the OG Bridal Nerd who believes in hard work and self-education. She is her client's #1 fan and biggest cheerleader. 


Grace is a coffee- and whiskey-loving dog mom to Lola and Stella, and army wife to her husband Jake. 


meet the team


marissa knuth

Partner & Business Consultant

Appleton, WI


Heather clark

Operations & Project Manager

Fort Knox, KY


karli kuntz

Digital Marketing & Community Manager

Seattle, WA


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