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who we are

We are SUBTLEGEND. A bespoke bridal, fashion, retail, & luxury consulting firm that continues to be our client’s best kept secret. Our results-driven, customer-centric approach has rightsized DTC, B2B, e-commerce, brick & mortar, and legacy brands across North America, Europe, Asia, & Australia. Just ask our clients, we are who you call.

our locations

Operating from Naples, FL & Chicago, IL, our team has been honored to serve clients across the U.S., U.K., Australia, Canada, Europe, & Asia since 2019.



Dedicated to developing the next generation of brands doing good business.

Having been a resource to thousands of businesses across North America, Europe, Australia, & Asia, Grace is known as a strategist, fixer, podcast host, & founding member of a growing private portfolio of businesses.


Sick of unnecessary red-tape & excuse-filled corporations, Grace founded SUBTLEGEND in 2019, a bespoke consulting firm focused on nothing other than getting results for it's clients. 

SUBTLEGEND prides itself on long-term client relationships. “Our clients are often with us for years. The majority of those that worked one-on-one with us at our founding, still do today. But businesses change and flow,” says Grace.


When asked about what happens when clients don’t take her advice, Grace’s perspective is enlightening. “Our goal isn’t to have the best advice or the most right answer for our clients. Our job is to give them solutions to problems that we know they can carry out. It’s not about being right. It’s about getting it done.”

about us


Since our founding in 2019, we have been scaling B2B & DTC brand around the world. Our firm focuses on business development, brand management, & company culture for disruptive brands, large & small.

Our team has helped grow businesses, even during the pandemic, by record amounts like 228% in just one month. We work with clients looking to get back on track, find their next level, or own their market for as far into the future as they can imagine. 

Since our founding, we have grown our team with people that we are inspired by, pushed by, & intrigued by. Each person, strong in their convictions, strategic in their thinking, & kind in the way they view the world. 








Founded in 2019 

A mother-daughter DTC client sees 228% growth in just 1 month after a 4-day workshop.

Client hits sales goal with half the available square footage, a quarter of the staff, & closed doors for 3 months.

The firm consults its first U.K. client.

Client sees 6-figure profit increase over 2 years of consulting.

Client sees 38% Q1 growth & the firm visits the U.K for workshops for the first time

Client sees 5-figure monthly savings from expense management consulting.

Client sees new hire trained at 4-day workshop & produces 80% close ratio in first month.

SUBTLEGEND moves to Naples, Florida & completes its largest workshop to date in the U.K. with 25+ businesses

Client sees 547% increase in profits after sales, financial, marketing & expense management consulting. 


key capabilities

business transformation

If the business model isn’t working to begin with, it’s time to rebuild it in a way that allows for a future.

customer centric 

By centering the brands we work with around their customers, we realign them with what actually makes them money. Fall in love with your customer, it always lasts longer than the product.   

financial management

If the business doesn’t have a profitable future, what are we all in this for? Our focus? It’s protecting that future. From budgeting and forecasting to risk management, our simplified approach ensures financial health and resilience. 

growth optimization

If your business has felt like a house of cards as you have scaled, it’s because you’ve need a steady & managed growth plan.


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