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  • What areas of business does SUBTLEGEND consult in?
    Sales, Financial, Marketing, Branding, Staffing & HR, Operations & Product Development
  • What industries does the firm serve?
    We work primarily with DTC brands looking to disrupt their market by serving customers in both e-commerce & a brick & mortar setting.
  • Where is SUBTLEGEND located?
    We are based in Naples, Florida, but our team works remotely across the U.S. & we are often on-site with our clients.
  • What approach does SUBTLEGEND take to consulting?
    Our solutions are tailored to every client, but our foundational principles that have been honed over many successes are the basis of our consulting strategy. We focus on what makes the biggest impact first. We take a customer-driven approach to business & from day-one, we begin building a “discipline culture” within our clients that leads to snowball growth & a sustainable business.
  • What clients does the firm have?
    Our private client list boasts B2B & DTC brands grossing anywhere from $100,000 to $50M+ per year in sales across multiple industries located primarily in the U.S. U.K. & Europe. As e-commerce continues to absorb marketshare, we are proud to support businesses large & small in the transition to meeting their customer where they want to buy.
  • What results can I expect?
    Since 2019, we have supported brands as they disrupt their markets with new products, approaches, & strategies. Our clients have experienced results like 500% increase in website clicks over 3 months, #1 ranking on Google after our website build, 547% increase in profits after just 6-months, 228% sales growth month over month, 40% sales growth for 12+ months straight, & more. Our approach to business has always been simple, to do good business. Whether we support clients in sales, financials, marketing, branding, operations, or product develop, our impact-first, customer-driven, & discipline culture strategy continues to deliver results, but in the end, it's up to our clients & their willingness to put in the work.
  • What is the investment to work together?
    Every client is offered a custom proposal tailored to the needs of their business & their investment availability. Making an investment in consulting isn't measured by the cost each month, but by the return on the investment. 50% of businesses fail in 1st year, 80% are gone in 5. What would you invest to guarantee you are in the top 20% of business owners? What would you invest to find your business blindspots? What would you invest to beat your competition? What would you invest to save yourself not just months, but years of work?



Interested in building a legendary brand?

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