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Let's be clear, this isn't for our benefit. It's for yours.

It takes 21 days to form a habit. It takes 90 days to build a lifestyle.


This is about getting control of your time. Getting control of your life.

Before you get started.... 



Grab your phone. Turn off all notifications. Create favorites so calls can still ring through. But no notifications. No more social media reminder, no text messages, no emails.  You now get to choose how often you check your communications, rather than the rest of the world telling you when you have the time. 



Choose one thing you know you need to edit out of your life & commit.  This is entirely up to you & you already know what it is. It's the first thing that popped into your mind. Is it watching tv before bed, social media, entirely overspending, morning coffee order, food, or maybe even a person. What will you edit out?



Every day, for 90 days. 


Beat the sun up. See the sun rise. 

You don’t have to do anything, but just be awake.

Feel free to tag us! Who doesn’t love a sunrise and let us be your accountability partner.


Morning motivation.

Choose one thing EVERY DAY to listen to that motivates you. Listen to 1 motivational speech every day. It can be the same one or you can switch it up. But whatever you choose to listen to, let it be motivational & listen to it EVERY morning.


Choose your night time influence. 

What do you want to be the last thing you hear, see, think about before you go to bed? For many of us, we watch TV shows to fall asleep. When we really pay attention to it, it effects us all. The heartbreak. The stress. The drama of the show. For others, we scroll social media. Do you really want fight videos to be the LAST thing you see & think about before you go to bed?


That's it. That's all you have to do. 

Every day. For 90 days. 

This is completely free. No strings attached. 

Just watch what happens…. legend.


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